In the fall of 1996 or thereabouts, I was working at a place called United Defense, a defense contractor in Fridley Minnesota. I was in the habit of going to lunch with some of my co-workers in the IT/IS/whatever department and most of the people (four) in the Graphics production department. Having little to do in that position, I was usually the first to think of going to lunch, and spent a fair amount of time corralling folks together and whatnot. I began to complain on a regular basis about how much of a waste of time eating and food was. Someone suggested I jot my thoughts down and never whine about it again. What was born that afternoon has come to be known as the Food Rant. I present it here in it's original form for you reading pleasure.

Note: Life has changed since then. While still mostly a waste of time, I've decided that some foods have their time and places.

The Food Rant
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