It's a 350k Image, so give it a moment to load.. It helps if you watch the block on top of the building (most likely air conditioning units) as it spins. Graininess stems from problems with light (sun is pretty low these days up here in the Arctic Circle) and the differing distances from the IDS tower. Taking a total of 100 pictures from 14 locations roughly 3 miles (give or take half a mile) from downtown Minneapolis, I created the animation of the top of the IDS tower, which is located right in the middle of downtown. Here is a map of locations:
The project took exactly 4 hours, and I traveled 55.9 miles. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon, play with my camera, and test my knowledge of Minneapolis. Only got honked at for driving like a wacko three times! (I'm normally a better driver..)