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What is a GUID?

A globally-unique identifier (GUID) is an identifier that uniquely represents some "thing" anywhere on the globe. The need for GUID's is common in computing, but the most frequent solution seems to be an ad-hoc solution. In this approach, programmers arbitrarily choose a GUID and hope that it hasn't already been used by someone else. The primary advantage of the ad-hoc approach is that it's quick and easy to create a GUID. The disadvantage is that there's no way to ensure that a GUID is in fact unique.

The real reason for this site? Back in ~2000 I was working on a project that used GUIDs as unique identifiers for users. In discussions about testing, a project manager was concerned that if we executed too many tests, we could "run out of GUIDs." So we decided to create a site to waste as many as possible.

GUIDS in History


A GUID from 1970. There were fewer computers back then.


The first sequential GUID ever created.


The GUID that led the police to the creator of one of the most prolific internet viruses


Bill Gate's personal GUID


The first GUID of 2000.


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