This is a collection of my stuff. Some of it is creative, some technical, some ridiculous. Many are all three.

About Time - A "fuzzy" clock
Ads - Ads collected from here and there
Ascii Flaming Logo - Built on a dare during the heyday of the dotcom bubble. Loosely based on the commercial in which someone refers to a flaming logo. I decided to make one without using any graphics.
ASPchallenges - Little challenges
     lesson1 - lesson one
Beer - 99 Bottles of Beer on the web
Carve - Simple scraping app which allows you to display all of the images on or linked to from a page. Handy for browsable directories of images.
Code_Lister - View (some) code
Color_Smear - Simple color picker
Hobbies - Photo album of various crafts, models, projects and other things that keep me busy in hand and mind.
Opp - OPP
photos - Lightistic photo albums
Refreshmaker - Watch a web page or multiple instances.
TNR - The Tuesday Night Ride!
URL_Encoder - URL Encoder

Sample - This is a description of a sample. It should be able to handle some really long descriptions. I'd like it to handle cool long stuff and things like that.

Who am I?

It's a "THINK TANK," not a "WORK TANK."
copyright 1994 - this year